Bar Review: Whisler’s

If you live in Austin and have not been to Whisler's you are seriously missing out. This eclectic cocktail lounge is a go-to spot for me and my friends. Whisler's "rustic-chic" style is a perfect example of the East Austin lifestyle. This watering hole features some titillating handmade cocktails and I want to highlight my favorite three drinks.


Whisler's Old Fashion: Rye Whiskey, Demerara Syrup, Angostura Bitters

I have tried plenty of Old Fashion's and this is by far my favorite! They replace the traditional simple syrup with brown sugar cane from Guyana which makes the drink less syrup like. The rye whiskey and bitters give the drink the perfect amount of spice and bite. I also love the fact that they appropriately use a gentleman's ice cube and ensure that the orange peel circles the entire rim. The drink is then topped with a berry for signature. If you consider Old Fashions to be a favorite drink then you must try this one!

Birds of Paradise: Whiskey, Cantaloupe, Cucumber, Grains of Paradise

This is another amazing whiskey drink that speaks to Whislers' rustic-chic style. The cantaloupe and cucumber mix perfectly with the whiskey that you can barely taste it. This is not to say that the whiskey isn't present in the drink, but that these flavors combine in such a magnificent way. The secret "grains of paradise" add a little spice to the refreshing flavor of the cantaloupe and cucumber. Garnishing the drink with a sweet slice of cantaloupe completes the drink look. Whiskey and non-whiskey drinkers must taste this cocktail from paradise!

Queen Bee: Gin, Lavender, Honey, Lemon, Bee Pollen

For all my Beyhive ladies, this drink is for you! It is the diva of the drink menu; an outside appeal of sweet honey with a fierce inside of gin. The lavender and lemon add some complex layers that create the bold personality of a great diva. Topping the drink with real bee pollen adds the dangerous appeal while served in a sexy coupe cocktail glass. Ladies start your night with this one and you may find self-confidence like never before.


I must also give special attention to the mixologists at Whisler's. They take their time and give attention to every drink that they make. You may have to wait awhile but it will be totally worth it. Tip them well!



ABSOLUT-ly Delicious

Absolut Vodka introduced their newest flavor, Absolut Lime, earlier this year. This vodka is made with all natural flavors and no added sugar. Absolut Lime has a natural lime scent and flavor without being overly sweet. Since January I have mixed this alcohol in three different cocktails.


  1. Absolut and  Topo Chico. Who doesn’t love  a vodka tonic right? Well instead of having to buy a lime or risk getting  a dirty lime from the bar (those seriously gross me out) just skip the lime and use Absolut Lime instead. It taste even better than the house vodka and lime that you would have settled for. If making this at home, mix 2 oz of Absolut Lime and 2 – 4oz of Topo Chico, however much you like. For additional flavor, sprinkle some Mexican chili lime powder on the rim and enjoy!
  2. An Absolut Gimlet. This is another classic drink that has lime flavor, but instead of gin we are using Absolut Lime. Mix together 2 oz of Absolut Lime, 1/2 oz of Simple Syrup, and 1/2 oz of fresh lime juice. Shake together with ice and enjoy!  I know I didn’t use a heavy amount of mixers but trust me! If you over do it on the Simple Syrup and/or lime juice it may be too sweet or have a really heavy citrus taste.
  3. Absolut Cherry Limeade. This is my favorite cocktail of them all! I have two recipes and can’t decide which is better so I will share both.
    • Recipe 1: Mix 2 oz of Absolut Lime, 2 oz of Sprite, 1 oz of Grenadine, and a few dashes of lime juice. This recipe has a nice cherry taste with subtle lime notes.
    • Recipe 2: Mix 2 oz of Absolut Lime, 1 oz club soda, 1 oz of grenadine, and 1 oz of lime juice. This recipe is not as sweet and has a more distinct lime note on the tongue. As I said both recipes taste great!

However you decide to mix Absolut Lime, I promise it will be ABSOLUT-ly Delicious! Cheers!!

Bar Review: Linger Eatuaries

So in addition to WHAT you should drink I also want to tell you WHERE to drink.


This weekend me and some friends ventured to Linger Eatuaries in Denver, CO. This restaurant and rooftop bar is a great spot for dinner, late night snacks and drinks, or a night-cap. It got its name from the previous owner, Olinger Mortuaries. But don’t worry no dead bodies are still around… at least I didn’t see any!

Now I didn’t eat anything but of course I had some drinks. My favorite drink was their New Saigon. This recipe calls for gin, Thai basil, cucumber, jalapeño, lime, and black pepper. This drink was light, spicy, and had the right amount of Gin. Absolutely delicious!

Another drink I enjoyed was the Sangria Rojo. Besides red wine and brandy this recipe also included orange, orange curacao, lemon, and bitters. The sangria had a full flavor without being too sweet. They added enough brandy to keep the sangria from tasting like juice (hate when that happens).

The drink I enjoyed the least was their Old Fashioned. I LOVE Old Fashions and have tried this at many different bars and restaurants. Linger took a different take on the recipe and used Chinese 5 spice with bitters. While the 5 Spice Old Fashion sounds intriguing, it was pretty heavy on the whiskey not much of any other taste.

Overall this place has a great atmosphere, friendly staff, and a unique style. I will definitely return here to try more drinks and maybe some food!

$5 You call Its!

TGIF!! Let’s celebrate with one of these featured drinks:

The Classic Couple: Jack and Ginger If you are in a Bonnie and Clyde type mood then this is the chill drink for you. Order a great tasting whiskey (not house) and mix it with the gentle and crisp taste of ginger ale for a drink that satisfies and quenches your thirst. Whiskey’s that you could mix are: Jack Daniels, Gentlemen’s Jack, Treaty Oak Red Handed Bourbon, Herman Marshall Bourbon or Rye, and Rebecca Creek. (Sorry most recommendations are Texas Whiskeys)

Summertime Vibes: Circo Peach and Soda If you are spending your weekend having fun by the pool then mix up this summertime fine drink. Circo vodka has been out for about 15 years but they continue to introduce new flavors. The Circo Peach taste juicy and smooth. Keeping your mixer to just Club Soda allows the sweetness of  the vodka to come through while tempering the alcohol. This also keeps calories low to keep that figure in your swimsuit 😉 When drinking vodka/soda or vodka/tonic, you must chose your vodka wisely. Here are some other vodka options I would suggest: Enchanted Rock Peach, Deep Eddy Lemon or Grapefruit, and CatHead Honeysuckle.

Dulce Margarita:  Dulce La Vida Lime and Soda If you have had a hard week and want to let loose, consider this simple margarita. Ok well I can’t really call this a margarita because it has no triple sec or use of margarita mix, but the drink taste the same! Dulce La Vida is distilled in Mexico in the Highlands. This new Tequila is authentic and pure. The lime flavor has a clean tequila taste with a touch of lime at the end (as with a typical shot!) When mixed with Club Soda it tones down the sweet taste of the lime to make a smooth cocktail. If Dulce La Vida isn’t available in your area try these other tequilas: 1800 Coconut or Espolon.

Whatever drink you decide this weekend make sure to drink responsibly! Cheers!!

It began in 1835…

My first post will be more of a story. A story that shows the development of the concept and first time I realized I wanted to share my drinks. Going forward my posts will be more focused on the alcohol and how it tastes. I hope you enjoy it and come back for more! 

It’s my birthday weekend, I’m in Houston, and my best friend is coming to celebrate with me. After I pick her up from the airport our first stop is food (because duh!) and then the liquor store for fun! As we are walking up to the door we have the usual “What should we drink?” debate. Since it is my birthday weekend she defaults to “Whatever you want!”. While my best friend can make decisions rather easily, me?…not so much. After wandering aimlessly for a few minutes the owner approaches and asks if he can help us find anything. We were standing in the whiskey aisle so I ask about this Texas bourbon that was facing me. He said it was really good and the price point seemed fitting, so I grabbed it off the shelf and headed to check out.


When we get back to the hotel we realize that it is 90 proof (yikes!) and get a little intimidated. This only lasts a minute and we quickly pour two shots to start the night. The bourbon had a nice oak taste in the beginning and then the caramel flavor comes in and smooths out the finish. We bought a cola mixer but it honestly tasted great on its own. The best part was that in the morning I had no hangover! Sometimes when drinking a higher proof alcohol, the effects are more intense but this was not the case. This bourbon is perfect for sipping over ice as a nice night cap. You can also do as I did and use it to get the night  started! Suggested mixers: ginger ale or cola. 

Since my birthday I have carried on a part-time job sampling different products at local stores.  This job has given me the ability to widen my palette and discover drinks I would not have tasted before. I now have LIQUID COURAGE to go into liquor stores or order good drinks at bars and want you to be able to do the same 🙂