Bar Review: Linger Eatuaries

So in addition to WHAT you should drink I also want to tell you WHERE to drink.


This weekend me and some friends ventured to Linger Eatuaries in Denver, CO. This restaurant and rooftop bar is a great spot for dinner, late night snacks and drinks, or a night-cap. It got its name from the previous owner, Olinger Mortuaries. But don’t worry no dead bodies are still around… at least I didn’t see any!

Now I didn’t eat anything but of course I had some drinks. My favorite drink was their New Saigon. This recipe calls for gin, Thai basil, cucumber, jalapeƱo, lime, and black pepper. This drink was light, spicy, and had the right amount of Gin. Absolutely delicious!

Another drink I enjoyed was the Sangria Rojo. Besides red wine and brandy this recipe also included orange, orange curacao, lemon, and bitters. The sangria had a full flavor without being too sweet. They added enough brandy to keep the sangria from tasting like juice (hate when that happens).

The drink I enjoyed the least was their Old Fashioned. I LOVE Old Fashions and have tried this at many different bars and restaurants. Linger took a different take on the recipe and used Chinese 5 spice with bitters. While the 5 Spice Old Fashion sounds intriguing, it was pretty heavy on the whiskey not much of any other taste.

Overall this place has a great atmosphere, friendly staff, and a unique style. I will definitely return here to try more drinks and maybe some food!

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