$5 You call Its!

TGIF!! Let’s celebrate with one of these featured drinks:

The Classic Couple: Jack and Ginger If you are in a Bonnie and Clyde type mood then this is the chill drink for you. Order a great tasting whiskey (not house) and mix it with the gentle and crisp taste of ginger ale for a drink that satisfies and quenches your thirst. Whiskey’s that you could mix are: Jack Daniels, Gentlemen’s Jack, Treaty Oak Red Handed Bourbon, Herman Marshall Bourbon or Rye, and Rebecca Creek. (Sorry most recommendations are Texas Whiskeys)

Summertime Vibes: Circo Peach and Soda If you are spending your weekend having fun by the pool then mix up this summertime fine drink. Circo vodka has been out for about 15 years but they continue to introduce new flavors. The Circo Peach taste juicy and smooth. Keeping your mixer to just Club Soda allows the sweetness of  the vodka to come through while tempering the alcohol. This also keeps calories low to keep that figure in your swimsuit 😉 When drinking vodka/soda or vodka/tonic, you must chose your vodka wisely. Here are some other vodka options I would suggest: Enchanted Rock Peach, Deep Eddy Lemon or Grapefruit, and CatHead Honeysuckle.

Dulce Margarita:  Dulce La Vida Lime and Soda If you have had a hard week and want to let loose, consider this simple margarita. Ok well I can’t really call this a margarita because it has no triple sec or use of margarita mix, but the drink taste the same! Dulce La Vida is distilled in Mexico in the Highlands. This new Tequila is authentic and pure. The lime flavor has a clean tequila taste with a touch of lime at the end (as with a typical shot!) When mixed with Club Soda it tones down the sweet taste of the lime to make a smooth cocktail. If Dulce La Vida isn’t available in your area try these other tequilas: 1800 Coconut or Espolon.

Whatever drink you decide this weekend make sure to drink responsibly! Cheers!!

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