ABSOLUT-ly Delicious

Absolut Vodka introduced their newest flavor, Absolut Lime, earlier this year. This vodka is made with all natural flavors and no added sugar. Absolut Lime has a natural lime scent and flavor without being overly sweet. Since January I have mixed this alcohol in three different cocktails.


  1. Absolut and  Topo Chico. Who doesn’t love  a vodka tonic right? Well instead of having to buy a lime or risk getting  a dirty lime from the bar (those seriously gross me out) just skip the lime and use Absolut Lime instead. It taste even better than the house vodka and lime that you would have settled for. If making this at home, mix 2 oz of Absolut Lime and 2 – 4oz of Topo Chico, however much you like. For additional flavor, sprinkle some Mexican chili lime powder on the rim and enjoy!
  2. An Absolut Gimlet. This is another classic drink that has lime flavor, but instead of gin we are using Absolut Lime. Mix together 2 oz of Absolut Lime, 1/2 oz of Simple Syrup, and 1/2 oz of fresh lime juice. Shake together with ice and enjoy!  I know I didn’t use a heavy amount of mixers but trust me! If you over do it on the Simple Syrup and/or lime juice it may be too sweet or have a really heavy citrus taste.
  3. Absolut Cherry Limeade. This is my favorite cocktail of them all! I have two recipes and can’t decide which is better so I will share both.
    • Recipe 1: Mix 2 oz of Absolut Lime, 2 oz of Sprite, 1 oz of Grenadine, and a few dashes of lime juice. This recipe has a nice cherry taste with subtle lime notes.
    • Recipe 2: Mix 2 oz of Absolut Lime, 1 oz club soda, 1 oz of grenadine, and 1 oz of lime juice. This recipe is not as sweet and has a more distinct lime note on the tongue. As I said both recipes taste great!

However you decide to mix Absolut Lime, I promise it will be ABSOLUT-ly Delicious! Cheers!!

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