Bar Review: Whisler’s

If you live in Austin and have not been to Whisler's you are seriously missing out. This eclectic cocktail lounge is a go-to spot for me and my friends. Whisler's "rustic-chic" style is a perfect example of the East Austin lifestyle. This watering hole features some titillating handmade cocktails and I want to highlight my favorite three drinks.


Whisler's Old Fashion: Rye Whiskey, Demerara Syrup, Angostura Bitters

I have tried plenty of Old Fashion's and this is by far my favorite! They replace the traditional simple syrup with brown sugar cane from Guyana which makes the drink less syrup like. The rye whiskey and bitters give the drink the perfect amount of spice and bite. I also love the fact that they appropriately use a gentleman's ice cube and ensure that the orange peel circles the entire rim. The drink is then topped with a berry for signature. If you consider Old Fashions to be a favorite drink then you must try this one!

Birds of Paradise: Whiskey, Cantaloupe, Cucumber, Grains of Paradise

This is another amazing whiskey drink that speaks to Whislers' rustic-chic style. The cantaloupe and cucumber mix perfectly with the whiskey that you can barely taste it. This is not to say that the whiskey isn't present in the drink, but that these flavors combine in such a magnificent way. The secret "grains of paradise" add a little spice to the refreshing flavor of the cantaloupe and cucumber. Garnishing the drink with a sweet slice of cantaloupe completes the drink look. Whiskey and non-whiskey drinkers must taste this cocktail from paradise!

Queen Bee: Gin, Lavender, Honey, Lemon, Bee Pollen

For all my Beyhive ladies, this drink is for you! It is the diva of the drink menu; an outside appeal of sweet honey with a fierce inside of gin. The lavender and lemon add some complex layers that create the bold personality of a great diva. Topping the drink with real bee pollen adds the dangerous appeal while served in a sexy coupe cocktail glass. Ladies start your night with this one and you may find self-confidence like never before.


I must also give special attention to the mixologists at Whisler's. They take their time and give attention to every drink that they make. You may have to wait awhile but it will be totally worth it. Tip them well!


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